Wagner’s Rewards Card

We are excited to Introduce the Wagner’s Rewards Card. Your single passport to savings. You can get great savings every time you shop at Wagner’s IGA by using your card. The first opportunity your card will provide is savings on fuel at affiliated gas stations. In the future your card will open the door to even more savings, such as digital coupons, special savings, community fundraising, and much more. Just one card, so many solutions!

Click below links to see your Digital Coupons & Fueland Rewards.

Digital Coupons 

Fuel Rewards (Click here to Register)

You can redeem your points at the following location:

Wagner's IGA Village Market
200 S. Main St.
Fort Loramie, OH


Q. How do I get a card?
A. You can get your card at any Wagner's IGA store's customer service desk and use it immediately. Once you have your card, register it online or at our customer service desk and receive additional Wagner's Rewards!
Q. When and how can I use my Wagner's Fuel Rewards?
A. Swipe your card every time you shop and your rewards will automatically be added to your card. Swipe your card when you purchase gas and you will see your price roll back on the pump.
Q. How long do I have to use Wagner's Fuel Rewards?
A. Your Wagner's Fuel Rewards are valid through the last day of the month following the month in which the reward was issued. You can check your receipt to see if you have rewards about to expire, or go to our web site and check under My Rewards "About to Expire" section.
Q. How much can I earn in Wagner's Fuel Rewards?
A. There is no limit to the dollar amount you can earn in cents per gallon discounts. Each time you shop you receive a Wagner's Fuel Rewards receipt at checkout that shows the rewards you earned on your purchase along with a running total. Also, you can visit our web site and check under My Rewards "Statements" Section.
Q. Are there any limits on my Wagner's Fuel Rewards?
A. Transaction discounts are limited to a total of 15 gallons. All available rewards are used in a transaction, unless your rewards total more than are needed for the transaction; in that case, the balance will remain on the card for future use.
Questions? If you have any further questions about Rollback Gas Rewards, see the Terms and Conditions or download a Wagner's Rewards brochure.